Stage Management: Stage Manager Etiquette

Being a stage manager usually means that you are the “top dog” of the production — the king, so to speak. But if you don’t treat your “subjects” with the respect that you deserve then they usually have the right to walk out on the production Continue reading “Stage Management: Stage Manager Etiquette”


Stage Management: The First Kit

Being the stage manager for a production will require you to become “the mom” of the show — if anything bad happens, they look at you to fix it. The earlier that you start prepping your stage manager kit the easier the production process will turn out. Continue reading “Stage Management: The First Kit”

Stage Management: Script Note-taking

When it is needed, being able to reference the blocking and set changes for a scene is absolutely crucial for a scene when going through the rehearsal phase of a production. The director will not be keeping record of anything that he or she says — that part is on you (the stage manager) to keep the “master copy” of all notes being given out. Continue reading “Stage Management: Script Note-taking”