Short Documentary on College Gaming

Looking towards my next project, I have decided to look into how students change their gaming habits when transitioning from high school to college. This is a topic that I would have loved to be able to look at over the span of several months — capturing the lives of only a few people so that the audience is able to connect and watch as these lives change through the transition into college along with how their gaming will adapt.

This decision stems off of me wanting to take summer classes and this project needing to be completed by early August. I will be able to complete the project on time — however it will not be as extensive as I will want it to be. I will definitely be considering using this same topic as my capstone during my senior year — and pushing this idea through as a full-fledged documentary — but plans might change.

I am already most of the way through pre-production and about to start filming within the next few days. If all goes well then I will be able to get all of the filming done by this time next week and spend a week and a half editing this together. At this point I feel as though the entire project will be hanging around 10 to 15 minutes in length as I have three to four people lined up — one who is still in high school, one who is transitioning into college, and one or two who are currently in college.


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