Theatre Production Stages: The Opening Show

After roughly a month and a half of rehearsals and tech, the opening night for the show insert name here has arrived. From this point on you can (figuratively) kiss the director goodbye as once those close for the night — he or she is gone for good. Directors work towards getting the show ready for the opening night, and once the show opens then their job is done.

You’re able to call them (even if you have the luxury to call) with any major issues, however this is limited to all but the most extreme circumstances. Once the curtains open for the first production, the show then falls into the hands of the (most likely caffeinated) stage manager who will continue to run the show until the curtains fall for the final time.

During this time period, there might be a group warm up session before the show or actors will warm up individually — they should be able to figure it out as time goes on. There might also be some group traditions along the way — depending on the cast members. This can range from going out to eat together before the show to having donuts together after the show.


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