Theatre Production Stages: Tech Week

When going into tech week — which isn’t confined to being a week long — it is best to know that the production is getting to the point of being as polished as could be. The duration of tech revolves around getting the technical side of the show done and ready to open as the acting side should be completely done — lines should already be memorized as actors should be off book, already have or in the process of getting costumes ready, and are generally comfortable with how the set will turn out. This part of the production revolves around getting the lights and sound in working order and preparing the stage manager to take over the show on opening night.

During tech week, the actors should be prepared to face going back “a few lines” every five minutes or so. This will be due to the technical side of show needing a lot of work done in a little amount of time — essentially four weeks of acting rehearsals crunched down into one week of tech. And because of this, the actors should learn how to be patient with the SM and the ASM during this time period considering how patient that they have been during the acting part of rehearsals.


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