Theatre Production Stages: Acting Rehearsals

Rehearsals can range from a few weeks (such as in local theatre) to many months (lengths that compare to Broadway) depending on the amount of money that is able to be spent just on rehearsals. During this time the director will be giving acting directions to the cast with the stage manager keeping an accurate log of the directions being given — any of which can be changed without any given notice. Throughout the entire rehearsal process, it is best to know that the director will not be keeping his or her own notes — this job is always left to the stage manager, who will be keeping all acting directions.

Where the early rehearsals take place may not be the same place where the show will be put on at the end of the production, and the early stand in for props and furniture certainly won’t be around for the show. Props and furniture will likely change out as the rehearsal phase progresses. This will be due to the props department going through their storage to find the best fit for the show while it progresses — this is not unusual considering that the designers (costume, prop, set, lighting, sound, ect.) are usually brought onto the production shortly after the actors are brought in.


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